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Generate Kotlin Android Application

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This guide will help you generate kotlin android application in few easy steps using ‘Code Generator’

Let me clarify the term ‘Kotlin Android application’, here we are trying reduce the software coding efforts which goes in writing the generic stuff for your android application. You might end up spending more time in performing these tedious repetitive tasks and bug fixing.

This guide will help you generate the source code for following features without writing single line of code:

1. Source code to insert data.

2. Source code to edit data.

3. List view in Recyclerview.

4. Recyclerview multiple select option.

5. Delete feature in recyclerview.

6. Search feature in your recyclerview.

7. Database interfaces in Room using Kotlin Android.

7.1 Add data API.

7.ll Modify data API.

7.lll Delete data API.

7.lV Get data API.

By utilizing all these features you will have an android application performing Addition, Modificaton, Deletion, Get and Search operations in your target product in few simple clicks.

Let’s begin..

You need to perform these simple steps :

Step 1 : Generate the Source Code.
Step 2 : 
Import the generated Kotlin Android files into Android Studio.
Step 3 : Run the Application.

You might have already created your data structure in the 'Code Generator' application. If not please do so, this is going to be the reference or starting point for creating all your source code files. 

For creating your data structure you can refer to the step-1 of this guideline here.

Step 1 : Generate the Source Code

Click on the generate source code icon as highlighted with green circle in the screenshot.

How to bring recyclerview selection option


Target options android kotlin

Choose your target options.

Let’s understand what does these options mean and what will happen if you enable/tick any of them.

Create Form

Enabling create form will attach/generate the source code for creating new entry in a list view and a bottom right plus icon which is going to launch fresh form for creating new item and to save the save into your database.

Edit Form 

Edit form brings the source code for edit screen. Single tap on a list item takes the clicked item in edit mode.

Multiselect Checkbox Options

This option is going to enable user to perform single operation on selected multiple items, for example : Delete Operation, etc. 
If this option is enabled, source code to perform 
long press anywhere on the screen will be added, which is further going to bring this multi select option highlighted.

Delete Items from List

Enable this to add delete functionality in the recyclerview.

Search Feature

Enable this to add search feature on top of recyclerview screen.

recycler view target options

Please refer the image. This is your target table for the ADD, MOD, DEL, GET or SEARCH type of operations within Kotlin Android application. 

Please refer to the highlighted green marks : 

1. Select Table Option : 

Choose your desired table for generating source code.

2. Select Unique ID : 

Choose unique column from the drop down which shall be utilized to pull/push the information into your database.

3. List Display Field : 

Choose column from the drop down which shall be utilized to identify the item in the listview or recyclerview.

4. Select your columns for create/edit form :

If you are generating code to perform Add or Edit operations from your recyclerview. Using this screen you can control the number of fields to be displayed while adding or creating the form.

recyclerview field selection

Please refer to the image for the highlighted green circles:

Note : These options need to be chosen carefully, as mistakes can lead to compilation errors.


1. Package Name

Choose your desired package name where recyclerview source code should be placed.

2. Database Package

This shall be the package name you seek to use for your database helper classes.

2. Resource Package Name

This is the package name of your main or launcher activity which will be used to create the import package name of your resource files.
Make sure you append “.view.R” in this.

4. Storage Location

Choose the location you need your generated code to be stored at.

destination target for kotlin android

Further, you need to copy the generated source code files from this location to your android workplace.

recyclerview code generated

Integrate generated source code from your device to workspace

1. Copy the files from your device using ADB Command

2. Copy directly using Android file manager


ADB pull to fetch generated recyclerview source code

ADB Command 

adb pull /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.ojassoftware/files

Example : C:\Temp>adb pull /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.ojassoftware/files

In my case the files are stored into “C:\Temp” location of your computer system as shown below in the image.

If you seek detailed guidelines on how to use ADB, please refer to this link here.

Step 2 : Import Generated Project into Android Studio

Launch Android Studio and import this as a new project. You can find a step by step guide here.

kotlin android import project step 1

Step 3 : RUN the Kotlin Android Project

Run the project, it might take some time to finish. 

Once your build is successful, it should launch new kotlin android application in your target device. 

If you are still not sure on how to run your android application, please refer to the detailed guide here.

Run Kotlin Android Project


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