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3-step formula

Generate your source code 3 easy steps using ‘Code Generator’


Install 'Code Generator'


Create your data structure within the application


Click generate and copy the generated source code files directly into your workspace

Who We Are

We work with developers to reduce the software coding efforts, so that the focus should entirely go into more tedious parts of the process, rather than the basic functionality of the software life-cycle. We introduce ‘code generator’ and coding guidelines to bring pace into project development.

Data structure is the core of all the applications. We utilize the data structure as input and generate source for various platforms such as Android Sqlite Interface in Java, Android Sqlite interface in Kotlin, Java Mysql, Python Mysql, etc..

For the success of any software product, the database and its interfaces are the most crucial elements.
We offer a platform which facilitates the dynamically generated source code in no time with very easy/responsive GUI and the APIs such as insert, update, delete, GetList, GetData, sqlite functions, etc… can be generated automatically in no time. 

The source can be deployed and used for any personal or commercial needs.
A program to be used from freshers to the experienced professionals.

This product can be used by : 
a) Software Organizations.
b) Android developers.

Where to apply :
a) Android software product.
b) Advanced Knowledge Sharing – To explore the android sqlite using the source code generated, real time basis.

What to expect :
a) Multiple Database structures can be created/maintained.
b) The files generated will be based on the number of tables or as per the user needs.
c) Bug free, ready to use source code.

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